The Importance of Quality in MRI Safe Mobile Linen Carts

When you use any type of furniture or equipment in your MRI suite, you better make sure it is safe. That’s why finding the right MRI safe mobile linen carts is an absolutely crucial part of creating a suite that is safe for both you and your patients.

Naturally, these types of carts have been designed to be perfectly suited for an MRI suite. In the medical field, safety is of paramount importance, which means that there must be attention to detail in every aspect and piece of furniture located in an MRI suite. For example, professionals working the room have to know exactly what type of jewelry the patient has to remove, and what potential body implants or recently eaten foods may not be suited for the process.

As a result, anytime a new MRI suite is built, it has to follow very strict standards and guidelines of what materials can be used and what protocols should be followed. Naturally, these protocols and guidelines apply to every part of the room in question.

What Makes Equipment MRI Safe?

MRIs use high-powered magnets in order to create detailed images of the human body. As a result, any metal materials in the room can become dangerous projectiles when the machine is turned on. That’s both an obvious and important situation to avoid.

If a piece of metal in this type of room gets turned into a projectile, it can cause both damage to the equipment and injury and in the worst scenario even death to the patient in question. That’s why it’s important to be sure that the right products and equipment is used for every part of the MRI suite.

Organization And Safety In One

In many ways, an MRI safe linen cart is the perfect addition to your medical facility. Because of its design and materials, it can be used not only in your MRI suite, but also in a variety of other locations throughout the facility. This type of equipment tends to be constructed with high-quality materials, and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. As a result, you’ll not only be able to find a cart that will coordinate with your suite, but also one that will fit your needs in any medical room.

If your facility has an MRI suite along with other medical equipment, buying several different carts are a great idea. These types of carts typically are on casters, which allows you to easily move them within the suite. In addition, you can even move them outside of the suite with no problems. Depending on the size of your facility, distributing carts throughout rooms on the entire footprint of the building is both beneficial and realistic, thanks to their durability and functionality.

MRI safe linen carts are ideal for not just holding linens as the name suggests, but are also able to hold tools, charts, and x-rays. As you probably already know, organization is key in the medical field because it ensures that you are keeping accurate records of your patients and their needs. You also need to keep paperwork around in case they need to sign it. A cart that you can seamlessly move back and forth within the suite will allow you to remain organized and also save time.

Cart Options To Consider

Choosing the right cart depends largely on your individual needs. Of course, you want to think about how many shelves you need, and how wide you want the cart(s) to be. Generally, you can choose from narrow, wide, extra wide, and extra deep options to consider.

If you are looking for a more basic MRI safe linen cart, then you should consider either the 2 shelf,linen-cart-2shelf

3 shelf, or 4 shelf option. Weight also plays into the equation: the two shelves on the first option can each hold up to 75 pounds, while the other options can each hold up to 100 pounds per shelf.

MRI Safe 3-Shelf Linen Cart with Mesh or Vinyl Cover, #MRI-LINEN-CART-2

The key, of course, regardless of which option you choose, is to find a cart that can actually hold up in an MRI suite. Even if you don’t intend to use it only in this capacity, you should always go with the highest-safety requirements of any potential use. For medical linen carts, that means making sure that everything used in the construction process is non-magnetic.

MRI Safe 4-Shelf Linen Cart with Mesh or Vinyl Cover, #MRI-LINEN-CART-3

Emphasizing Quality in Outfitting Your MRI Suite

When operating MRI equipment, safety is key. So is being able to access everything you need quickly and efficiently. Finding the right linen cart can ensure that you get both, at the same time. The result will be more confidence and success in operating your equipment and satisfying your patients.

The best way to achieve that goal, of course, is to outfit your MRI suite only with the highest-quality options available. Rather than buying a cheap cart that may or may not hold its promise, go with an established retailer in which you can place your full confidence. Ideally, that retailer should have extensive experience in selling safety equipment, and the safety regulations that apply to these products.

That’s where we come in. Phillips Safety Products has more than 100 years of experience in safety-related products, starting with glasses and frames. Today, we specialize in anything from radiation eyewear to laser safety–and, of course, MRI-safe medical equipment. To learn more about our products, particularly our MRI safe linen carts that can help to improve your medical facility, contact us.

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The Importance of Quality in MRI Safe Mobile Linen Carts
The Importance of Quality in MRI Safe Mobile Linen Carts