MRI Linen Carts: Safe and Functional

If you work in a clinic with an MRI machine you are no doubt aware of the standard safety protocols it requires. These measures not only ensure the machine functions properly, but also provides a safeguard that keeps everyone in the surrounding area safe. Because Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) utilizes high-powered magnetic fields and radio waves one of the most important safety requirements is that the operator, patient, and room are free of metal. Nickel alloys and stainless steel are especially problematic, but all types of metals have the potential to become dangerous flying projectiles because they will inevitably be drawn to the powerful magnet’s opening.

As a result of this potentially dangerous scenario, strict regulations are put into place surrounding the use of the MRI and, subsequently, the MRI suite. With so many rules and regulations in place, it can be difficult to find proper storage options to increase the efficiency of your MRI suite. Most medical storage units are constructed of stainless steel or contain metal parts. Even though there are some MRI-safe stainless steel options they require some treatment and upkeep to ensure they do not react with the MRI. Keeping your MRI suite organized and safe are top priorities that can best be met with specially designed MRI-safe equipment.

Phillips Safety Products, Inc. offers a wide range of MRI safety products, but specializes in producing mobile carts that are both safe and functional. MRI-safe linen carts offer a wide array of options to suit your particular needs. Whether you are looking for mobility, functionality, or efficiency, you will find the mobile MRI cart your MRI suite has been missing.

Keeping Your MRI Suite “MRI-Safe”

Before we discuss Phillips Safety Products, Inc.’s top-of-the-line MRI carts, let’s review the basics of MRI safety. By demonstrating a proper understanding of how the MRI machine works and the importance of following safety procedures, we hope that you’ll understand how seriously we take safety.

There are a number of MRI safety concerns, but most of them stem from the presence of metal anywhere in the vicinity of the machine. Of course, the machine is essentially a giant magnet and when turned on it can attract an array of objects – both large and small – that can endanger those within the room as well as the machine itself. Typically MRI safety for operators and patients includes:

  • Removing Jewelry
  • Removing clothing that has metal buttons or zippers
  • Removing any small objects such as pens, paperclips, and keys from pockets
  • Double checking for, and removing, any object that may potentially contain metal

The MRI suite itself is also subject to severe restrictions. Very little equipment is permitted in the room and anything that is in the room must be non-metal and pre-approved. Even stethoscopes have been known to fly out of doctors’ pockets, so it is imperative that MRI operators are on high alert, monitoring everything that goes into the MRI suite.

MRI-Safe Linen Carts


Because the contents of the MRI suite must be completely micromanaged, storage can become a problem. The need to store gowns, supplies and other equipment can be hindered if you do not have a lot of space in your MRI suite. Of course, you can’t just add a few shelves to the suite due to the possibility that metal screws would become a problem. You will want to ensure that whatever device you choose to help organize your suite is MRI-safe, no questions asked.

Mobile carts are essential equipment for hospitals and can be just as useful in an MRI suite. Portable, easy to maneuver, and endlessly versatile, the correct mobile cart can be a lifesaver for organizing and transporting your most important tools and equipment. Phillips Safety Products, Inc. produces a wide range of mobile carts that are non-magnetic and completely MRI-safe. No matter what your needs are, we are certain to have a cart that matches every necessity you have in mind.

MRI Safe Extra-Wide 4-Shelf Linen Cart with Mesh or Vinyl Cover, #MRI-LINEN-CART-11

Our carts come in a variety of sizes and are made with either PVC piping or heavy-duty plastic. We offer units of all sizes with multiple shelves for your convenience. Whether you are searching for a narrow cart with a small turning radius or something a bit more robust that has the ability to hold 175 pounds on each shelf, we have the product you are looking for.

All our carts are certified as MRI-safe so you can shop with confidence. We offer extra wide shelves, narrow carts, extra deep shelves, and everything in between. We also offer mesh and vinyl covers in a variety of colors so you can color-coordinate your suite. With an unbeatable variety of nineteen unique mobile carts, we have all your MRI needs covered. All our shelves are extremely durable and every product description includes exactly how much weight the product and its shelves are capable of handling. Our products are extremely strong and easy to maneuver, with sturdy wheels that will give you the freedom to transport your materials wherever you may need them.

Phillips Safety Products, Inc. has been in business since 1905, originally specializing in safety products for eye protection. Today, we are proud to be a company that deals in safety products for a wide range of industries. If you would like to learn more about our MRI-safe line of products, please contact us today! We look forward to helping you make your MRI suite as safe and efficient as possible.

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