Goggles to Use When Having Laser Hair Removal

Wondering what type of laser safety glasses are worn during laser hair removal?

The Best Goggles for Laser Hair Removal

Laser Safety Hair Removal GlassesLaser hair removal is done using a variety of laser safety glasses and goggles. The lasers that are used in laser hair removal which must be protected against are Alexandrite, Diode, YAG, and sometimes IPL (intense pulse light).

Having a laser hair removal procedure does not generally entail the need to bring your own safety glasses, but if you’re a doctor or technician performing laser hair removal, laser safety glasses that protect from one or several of these lasers are necessary to operate safely.

The most common laser glasses used are for Alexandrite lasers. These laser goggles protect from 730-855nm wavelengths, and they should have good VLT (visible light transmission) to ensure that you can see well during your work.

Here are the types of laser goggles to use when having laser hair removal:

  • Alexandrite laser safety glasses are used with Alexandrite lasers and should therefore protect from 730-855nm. These laser glasses also work with Diode lasers, so if you’re using either type of laser, these will keep you safe.
  • Typical VLT for Alexandrite/Diode laser safety glasses is going to be around 30%.
  • If you are working with a YAG laser, your laser safety goggles should protect you from 1064nm, though most YAG laser safety glasses protect from 900-1,100nm.
  • Typical VLT for YAG laser safety glasses is generally going to be around 60%.
  • If you are using an IPL laser, you will need IPL laser safety goggles. These do not have a specified protection range as they are designed to limit visible light. IPL lasers emit extremely bright light at a variety of wavelengths, so IPL laser safety glasses are simply concerned with reducing the brightness of that light.
  • IPL laser safety glasses typically have a VLT around 10%.

If you are working in laser hair removal, it’s extremely important to use the right laser safety goggles if you want to be safe and preserve your eyesight.

Looking for laser safety goggles or glasses for laser hair removal? This guide encompasses all of the types of lasers used in cosmetic hair removal. If you are unsure about what type of laser you have or what type of laser safety glasses to get, contact our customer service department or leave a comment below. Our team of laser experts will make sure you get the right glasses to keep you safe and give you the best VLT for ease of work.


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  1. Bee Williams
    October 27, 2017 | 1:00 pm

    Hi, I am having hair removal done and I want to know which safety goggles are best for me so I don’t damage my eye sight. Thank you so much for your time.

  2. Ryan Phillips
    June 6, 2017 | 1:29 pm

    Hi Rachel,

    I apologize for the delay response, but if you contact our laser specialist Bill Brown at 732-356-1493 xt 114 he would be able to assist you in selecting the correct pair for you.

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