The History of AO Safety Cool Blue Welding Lenses and AlloWeld Safety Glasses and Super Magenta Drop-In Lenses


Welding without proper protection poses many dangers to your eyes. That’s why welders need to always wear safety glasses or goggles or a safety hood that guard their vision. Many wear glasses underneath their hoods. In the history of welding safety lenses, one brand name has become legendary in the profession: American Optics Safety Weld…

MRI Safe Step Stools: What to Consider to Maintain Patient Safety


Working in the imaging industry is one that poses a lot of unique challenges for both technicians and patients. Bringing safety to both is essential to avoid future health problems and possible legal repercussions as a result of carelessness. While wearing protective clothing, eyewear, and using peripheral equipment helps your staff stay safe, don’t neglect…

View the Eclipse With Only Shade 14 Solar Eclipse Glasses


Shade 14 glasses are the safe way to view a solar eclipse. Next year, August 21, 2017, millions of people will experience the most spectacular astronomical event, the first total solar eclipse to hit North American since 1979. It’s also the first total solar eclipse to sweep the entire width of the United States from…

Where to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses.


It’s the most awe-inspiring event off the planet Earth, that we can see from Earth. And the last time it happened in North America, Jimmy Carter was president of the United States, the Soviet Union had not yet invaded Afghanistan and Christina Aguilera’s first number-one single, “Genie in a Bottle,” topped the Billboard hits chart….

High quality glasses for viewing a solar eclipse


The next solar eclipse visible in the United States will take place next year on September 1, 2016. On average there is a solar eclipse event once or twice a year, visible somewhere on the globe. There are also solar eclipses visible somewhere in the United States at least once a year. The one in…

High quality solar eclipse glasses: Enjoying An Amazing Experience


Eclipses are an amazing part of nature that everyone should experience at least once. Lunar eclipses are easy to view because they don’t require any type of special eye protection, but solar eclipses are even more impressive–if you have the right eye wear. If you want to experience the beauty and the majesty of a solar eclipse,…

Laser Eye Protection Military Strike Glasses


The United States military is developing a broad range of laser weapons, as this article in Popular Mechanics explains. Unfortunately, such lasers pose risks not only to enemy forces, but to the military personnel using them. They are potentially exposed to lasers when learning how to operate the weapons and training with them. Also, many…

Laser Eye Protection Requirements for Worker Safety


The Occupational Health and Safety Administration sets the requirements for workers who use lasers as part of their jobs, whether in industry, a scientific laboratory or a medical institution. OSHA describes in requirements in great detail in its technical manual. Lasers pose other health and safety threats to workers, but laser beams are most dangerous…

How to Protect Your Eyes From Lasers for Your Safety


Lasers are more dangerous than most people understand, and your eyes are the most vulnerable to laser damage. Too many people, accustomed to seeing lasers used as pointers, in movies and to put on exciting shows, don’t understand the danger. Used properly, lasers are useful for many applications, but everyone should learn how to protect…

Class 4 Laser Safety Requirements for Laser Workers


Generated by stimulating radiation emissions, laser beams differ from ordinary light because they’re coherent. The spatial coherence keeps the laser beam narrow even over long distances. The temporal coherence keeps the beam in a narrow spectrum. Laser beams vary by the amount of energy they contain, and this determines what the laser can accomplish. Lasers…