5 Qualities That Make Exceptional Laser Safety Glasses


When you are working in a relatively dangerous environment or are exposed to laser beams on a daily basis, it is absolutely imperative that you have the finest protection possible for some of your most vital organs: your eyes. If you aren’t sure what makes up exceptional, high quality laser safety glasses, it is helpful to do…

Radiation Safety Glasses Are Critical For Your Work


Anytime you work in a catheterization lab or with a Fluoroscope, it’s critical to have the proper pair of radiation safety glasses at all times. Especially in the medical field, it’s crucial to take care of your patients, but you cannot forget taking care of yourself. By getting the correct pair of radiation safety glasses, you’ll be able to perform…

Protect Yourself at Work with Radiation Safety Glasses


Radiologists and fluoroscope technicians regularly protect themselves from harmful radiation with leaded vests, aprons, and gloves. Unfortunately, their eyes were often overlooked until recently. Early onset cataracts and other eye problems are extremely common in medical professionals who work with radiation. Some start experiencing problems in their early 30′s! Fortunately, combating these terrible eye issues…

6 Things to Look For When Purchasing Laser Safety Glasses


Even if you are a first-time buyer, you already know that investing in a pair of laser safety glasses isn’t the same as purchasing some generic sunglasses or even a pair of high-end outdoor activity eye wear. When you’ve never had experience buying laser safety glasses, it can certainly feel like an overwhelming process. Alternatively, when you are…

Critical Tips for Radiation Safety Glasses


It’s important to make sure that you protect your eyes from radiation threats. This means finding glasses that can make sure that you don’t end up with damage if you work in an environment where this could be a danger. Here are a few ways that you can make sure that you avoid radiation issues throughout…

Common Technical Mistakes People Make When Selecting Laser Safety Glasses


In general, if you are currently work in a field where laser safety is important, you definitely need to put some time into selecting safety glasses that will provide you with the protection you need. Here are some common ways people incorrectly choose glasses including what you can do to make sure your glasses fit you…

Properly Care For Your Radiation Safety Glasses And Protect Your Eyes


We all know how important our eyes are to our overall health. Protecting our eyes from radiation is extremely important, and it is very important that you wear the proper protective eyewear at all times in order to maintain good eye health. Protecting Your Eyes When you are working around radiation, you should never forget…

Understanding the Importance of Laser Safety Windows


As any professional in the industry knows, there are many situations in which laser safety windows can provide a significant benefit. They protect anyone exposed to laser from its harmful effects, making sure that the environment remains safe and secure even in high-risk situations. But as you choose the right windows for your environment, it’s important to be sure…

Finding the Right Type of Laser Safety Glasses for Your Work Environment


One of the biggest nuisances about working in environments using laser technology is the protective eyewear worn. If you have a laboratory or other work site using lasers, many of your employees likely complain about how ill-fitting their safety glasses are. Or, maybe your workers suffer in silence at wearing uncomfortable and non-stylish eyewear. Despite…

Radiation Safety Glasses: Finding Durable and Stylish Eyewear for Laboratory Situations


Working in a laboratory with radiation usage might seem routine if you work with it every day, yet the risks continue being huge for your employees. While radiation safety glasses continue being used in many industries, too much of this eyewear still isn’t made durably enough. It’s not always possible to find stylish options either….