5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Bifocal Safety Glasses


For hundreds of years bifocal lenses have provided wearers the ability to see up close and far away without changing their eyeglasses. Mostly, this is helpful for reading on the go without having to switch to a pair of reading glasses. This is especially true in dangerous work environments where workers have their hands busy…

Why You Should Get Orbtronic Laser Protection Safety Glasses or Goggles


If you work with green lasers, then you should really consider orbtronic laser protection safety glasses or goggles. These will not only provide you with much needed protection for your eyes, but will also allow you to wear your regular glasses underneath. It is important to remember, of course, that these glasses should not be worn…

Keeping Your Clinic Organized With An MRI Safe Linen Cart


When you have a medical facility with an MRI machine, it’s important to follow all the standard safety protocols. This lends itself beyond the operator wearing proper clothing, but also the items you have in the room as well. For example, an MRI-safe linen cart is a great addition to your room. What is an MRI? Magnetic…

HPS Grow Light Safety Glasses for Next Level Gardening


Hydroponic indoor gardening is a growing trend in private homes and in the farming industry. The amazing technology of high-powered grow lights is quickly changing how grower’s manage and maintain their crops, allowing for greater yields despite limited terrain. However, the obvious advantages that this system provides are not without a few drawbacks that ought to be addressed….

Selecting Your Laser Safety Glasses: A Guide


If you work around lasers you know just how imperative eye safety can be. One of the most important necessities is your go-to laser safety accessory, and it certainly isn’t about style. Laser safety glasses are made for use in many fields, including: medical, military, and industrial laser application, but do not really differentiate themselves from one to the…

Welding Lenses: Gold vs. Green


A welder’s most important instrument is inarguably the eyes, so choosing the right welding lens should be a safety priority. Welding goggles, helmets, and masks all rely on a well-constructed, glass safety lens to protect the face and eyes. Along with optimum protection the safety lens should also be able to provide a clear view of the task at hand. Because the welding lens is…

The Benefits of Blue-Blocking Glasses


In the age of computer technology we spend a great deal of our lives staring at screens. Whether it’s the computer screen at work, your television screen at home, or your smart phone screen everywhere else, your eyes spend a lot of time looking into the blue light of manmade devices. Our constant exposure to the blue light wavelengths in…

Why You Need Computer Glasses for Eye Strain

computer glasses

When you work on a computer all day, you may find that your eyes begin to feel fatigued. As you might suspect, this feeling is directly connected to eye strain. To prevent it from happening, you should consider using computer glasses for eye strain. Finding the right pair of glasses allows you to reduce the fatigue, redness, and…

Laser Safety Glasses: How They Work and What To Know


Laser safety glasses are a safety necessity when working with high-powered laser light. These glasses are used in many fields, but serve the same purpose: providing dependable protection to professionals in growing fields. Made for use in medical, military, research and education, and industrial laser application processes, laser safety glasses are a high quality product intended to…

The History of AO Safety Cool Blue Welding Lenses and AlloWeld Safety Glasses and Super Magenta Drop-In Lenses


Welding without proper protection poses many dangers to your eyes. That’s why welders need to always wear safety glasses or goggles or a safety hood that guard their vision. Many wear glasses underneath their hoods. In the history of welding safety lenses, one brand name has become legendary in the profession: American Optics Safety Weld…